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Blemish Facts: Do Cell Phones Cause Acne?

Test your acne I.Q. and discover acne facts.
Do Cell Phones Cause Acne?

Acne myths are all around us, and when it comes to finding acne facts, it can be a needle in a haystack of misinformation—especially the myth that acne is only for teens. Adult acne continues to rise, and desire to self-diagnose can lead us down a digital search engine path of frustration.


Seeing a future with clearer, healthier skin starts with dispelling some acne myths with acne facts. Here are the top 10 acne myths you should dismiss now.


Do cell phones cause acne?
No. While bacteria are lurking on your phone, they’re not likely giving you acne.


Does stress trigger my acne?
100% YES. Studies show that increased stress and lack of sleep can trigger acne.


Does having acne mean my skin is dirty?
NO! Acne or oily-prone skin is not a sign of poor hygiene. In fact, those who over-cleanse can trigger acne and excess skin oiliness.


Are blackheads dirt?
NO! Blackheads are simply oil that has been exposed to air (oxidized), like how a sliced apple turns brown when it’s exposed to air.


Do I need to wash my face more if I have acne?
NO! Over-washing your face can strip skin of its oils. This, ironically, causes an overproduction of oils as skin works to recover what’s lost...and an over-production of oil can trigger breakouts.


Can eating right help my acne?
Yes, because eating right helps your skin in general. Overall nutrition is important for maintaining healthy, acne-free skin. As Dr. Murad says, “Don’t just focus on eliminating breakouts. Focus on skin health first for clear skin results by doing things like eating water-rich fruits and vegetables. When skin is healthy, it’s better at regulating excess oil, clogged pores and breakouts to stay clear. And clear skin can lead to newly-found confidence.”


Is there a difference between a chin pimple and a forehead pimple?
Yes. Acne around the chin/mouth area is traditionally hormonal, while forehead acne is usually caused by clogged pores.


Does a higher percentage of salicylic acid equal clearer skin?
No. Too-high concentrations of salicylic acid can cause intense irritation and flaking, making acne worse. And, acne treatments are not one size fits all. That’s why Murad’s formulas combine tried-and-true acne fighting ingredients like salicylic acid and sulfur with first-of-its-kind complexes that hydrate and balance for clearer-looking skin.


Once my acne goes away, can I stop using acne products?
We don’t recommend it. Murad’s Acne Control products are preventative. They help keep skin hydrated and balanced while treating acne causes like bacteria and clogged pores to prevent future breakouts.


Why don’t you have products for adult acne or hormonal acne?
We do! Acne Control products can be used by anyone who is experiencing acne, whether it’s acne in your teens or acne in your 40s. We specifically formulate with ingredients that address all stages and life phases of acne. When paired with a whole-person approach that includes a healthy diet, regular exercise and attention to the sleep cycle, there can be a fundamental improvement in skin. Now that you’re armed with acne facts, it’s time to shop Murad's Blemish Control solutions.

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