The Power of Psychodermatology: Dr. Murad's Total Skin Health Approach.

In the world of skincare, the journey to healthy, radiant skin goes far beyond the surface. Enter psychodermatology, the groundbreaking field exploring the intricate link between the mind and various skin conditions. From acne to ageing and rosacea to eczema, our skin’s health is deeply intertwined with our mental-wellbeing, influencing confidence and overall quality of life.


With over 50,000 patient consultations under his belt, Dr. Murad, the visionary behind Murad skincare, understands the profound impact of psychodermatology… although he calls it Total Skin Health, links it to ‘Cultural Stress’ and has been researching the benefits of psychodermatology for more than 50 years.


At the heart of Murad’s approach lies the belief in Total Skin Health, a concept rooted in the interconnectedness of mind, body and skin. In trending terms: the skin-gut-brain connection.


Dr. Murad’s pioneering philosophy is encapsulated in his 4 Pillars of Wellness, a holistic framework guiding individuals towards optimal skin and mental health. Central to this ethos is the ‘Be Kind to Your Mind’ pillar, emphasising the crucial role of psychological well-being in achieving radiant skin (aka ‘psychodermatology’).


By acknowledging the skin-mind-gut connection, Dr. Murad empowers individuals to take proactive steps towards personalised and effective skincare solutions. Through nurturing both the physical and emotional aspects of skin health, Murad’s approach yields tangible results, transforming not just appearances, but also lives! “Empowering millions to live healthier, happier lives” has long been a staple statement in our brand presentations.


Embrace the transformative power of psychodermatology for yourself and embark on a skincare routine to Total Skin Health with Dr. Murad. Elevate your skincare regime beyond the surface and unlock the true potential of your skin and mind.


At Murad, we’re where science meets soul for Total Skin Health!