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Eat, Drink and Be Merry with Murad (Part 3)

Eat, Drink and Be Merry with Murad (Part 3)

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Hello to our Healthy Holiday Heroes! If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that at Murad we believe great skin is a combo of 4 Pillars of Wellness. This year, we even put some healthy tips & tricks on our gift sets! So, we’re taking inspo from there to deliver YOU a series of skin-sparkling info.

Here are Dr. Murad’s 4 Pillars of Wellness. Stay tuned to learn more about each one or catch-up via our Skincare Library

  1. Nourish Your Skin with our fabulous products.
  2. Eat Your Water.
  3. Awaken Your Body.
  4. Be Kind To Your Mind.

In this latest edition of the series, lets discover the WHY behind ‘Be Kind To Your Mind’:

Gearing up for ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ can sometimes be anything but wonderful. The whirlwind of preparations, shopping sprees, appointments and expenses can weigh down on us so let’s not forget to treat ourselves with a little extra care this year.

Yes, we’re talking about the magic of mindfulness and the unexpected gift it can bring – radiant, glowing skin!

Mindfulness and the Joy of Christmas Christmas is all about joy, love and sharing special moments with our loved ones. Mindfulness, the practice of being present in the moment, aligns perfectly with the spirit of the season. When you embrace mindfulness, you create space to truly savour the warmth of a holiday gathering, appreciate the beauty of the twinkling lights and feel the joy of giving and receiving.

Skin Benefits of Mindfulness

Here’s the secret bonus! Mindfulness isn’t just a gift for your spirit; it’s a treat for your skin too!

  1. Reduced Stress = Clearer Skin: Stress is a common visitor during the holidays and it can wreak havoc on your complexion. Mindfulness techniques like deep breathing and meditation can help reduce stress, preventing pesky holiday breakouts and leaving your skin looking more rested and less tested!

  2. Better Sleep = Glowing Skin: With the excitement of Christmas, quality sleep can sometimes take a backseat. Mindfulness practices improve sleep quality, leaving you with a well-rested, radiant complexion (save the early morning wakeups for Christmas Day!)

  3. Mindful Eating = Healthy Skin: Savouring each mouthful and listening to your body’s cues during holiday feasts can help you make healthier choices. Reach for the melon, apple slices, veggies and delicious hummous dips first, leaving less space for the salt-laden chips and crackers! And once your body tells you it’s full, listen! Nourish your body from within and it will show on your skin!

  4. Increased Blood Flow = Rosy Cheeks: Meditation has been proven to lower your heart rate and encourage better blood circulation. WOW! SO you can say goodbye to dull, tired-looking skin and hello to a natural, rosy glow!

Your Holiday Glow-Up Plan

Get ready to shine!

  1. Daily Meditation: Set aside 10 minutes each morning to focus on your breath and let stress melt away. Bonus points if you avoid using your phone for the first hour in the morning

  2. Mindful Eating: Before loading your plate at each mealtime, take a moment to appreciate the colours and flavours of each dish and listen to what your body needs (today it’s carrot sticks, maybe tomorrow it will be chocolate coins!). Appreciating the food before eating it helps you to make healthy choices.

  3. Nourish Your Skin: every day whilst using your Murad products, take a moment to enjoy the sensorials. Feel the textures, the coolness as they touch your skin, the subtle fragrance of each product and the way they leave your skin feeling. Enjoy the process

  4. Awaken Your Body: Practice mindful movement each day like a slow yoga flow or a peaceful stroll with family. Movement will improve circulation and blood flow to the skin, improving its appearance and health.

Giftsets Galore: To kickstart your healthy holiday journey, we have a value-packed selection of Murad giftsets offering savings of up to 42% on usual product RRP Value (that’s more than $200 for freeeee!). Find the sets here. Tick everyone off your list and Get the Jumpstart on Joyful Skin!