Retinal ReSculpt™ Overnight Treatment

  • 30ML

Uniquely encapsulated retinal serum that dramatically lifts and improves sagging, smooths deep-set wrinkles and increases skin elasticity.

  • Get ready for jaw-lifting results in just 2 weeks!
  • Our retinal—one of the most efficacious forms of vitamin A—is encapsulated in an exclusive delivery system for enhanced stability and targeted delivery deep within skin’s surface, allowing for 2.5x more effectiveness (vs. free retinal)—while still being gentle on skin
  • Next-gen complementary ingredients amplify retinal’s benefits: Kangaroo paw flower and olive leaf extracts help improve saggy appearance, smooth wrinkles and support resilience, while oat lipids and alpha glucan help replenish ceramides, increase moisture and soothe skin
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    Clinically proven to tackle major signs of advanced ageing: Visibly lifts neck/jowl sagging and increases elasticity, while smoothing deep-set wrinkles and crepey skin


    Pharmaceutical-inspired encapsulation for 2.5x better efficacy (vs. free retinal)

    Our next-gen serum features retinal—one of the most efficacious forms of vitamin A—encapsulated in a delivery system that’s adapted from technology used in pharmaceutical applications. With enhanced stability and targeted delivery deep within skin’s surface, this new treatment can create transformative results by lifting neck/jowl sagging (2 weeks), smoothing deep-set wrinkles/crepey skin (2 weeks) and increasing skin elasticity (4 weeks)—all in a nourishing formula that leaves the skin supple, soft and feeling moisturised.

    And perhaps best of all, we have a retinoid for anyone who wants to tackle or slow signs of ageing: For visible improvement on mild-to-moderate signs of ageing, trust our cult-classic Retinol Youth Renewal Serum. To amp up results and corrective benefits for advanced signs of ageing, reach for Retinal ReSculpt Overnight Treatment.

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    • Oily
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    • Combination

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    Untouched real results

    After 2 Weeks

    • Visibly lifts neck / jowl sagging
    • Visibly smooths deep-set wrinkles/crepey skin

    After 4 Weeks

    • Increases skin elasticity

    Results based on a 8-week clinical study with 34 participants


    Expert, science-backed ingredients and patented technologies

    2023 January Retinal ReSculpt™ Overnight Treatment Clinical Note Desktop

    What’s your retin-type? Use Retinol Serum for mild-to-moderate ageing and Retinal ReSculpt to amp up results for advanced ageing


    To Use: PM

    • Retinal ReSculpt™ Overnight Treatment How-To Step 1
      Step 1

      Massage Renewing Cleansing Cream over dampened face, neck and closed eyes. Rinse and pat dry.

    • Step 2

      Apply a thin layer of Retinal ReSculpt Overnight Treatment to face and neck.

    • Step 3

      Pat Retinal ReSculpt Eye Lift Treatment around the eye orbital bone (do not get too close to the lash line) and to the lid, just below the brow. Follow with a moisturiser and SPF during the day.


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