Dr. Zion x Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Masks

  • 5-Pack

Created with skincare expert Dr. Zion Ko, this premium extra-large eye mask delivers an instant boost of retinol to virtually erase lines, visibly firm and leave eyes looking ultra-refreshed.

  • Formulated with cult-favourite Retinol Tri-Active Technology that balances fast-acting and delayed-release retinols for rapid results while being gentle on skin, plus firming blue agave and radiance-boosting passionfruit extracts
  • Made from premium, no-slip bio-cellulose that’s used in medical settings to help boost absorption of ingredients (in fact, 100% agree these masks stay put—often a pain point with slippery eye masks)
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    Visibly Firms, Virtually Erases Lines + Leaves Eyes Looking Ultra-Refreshed


    Designed by Murad With Dr. Zion Ko and Inspired by What She Loves Most—Eye Masks

    Dr. Zion Ko is a board-certified Internal Medicine physician and eye mask fanatic whose videos on social media—from debunking trends to honest product reviews—have made her a favourite among legions of beauty addicts. An immigrant from South Korea, Dr. Zion’s videos also feature frequent cameos of her Korean mom, who is living proof that sunscreen, facial massages and a good skincare routine work.


    Unretouched Real Results

    • Majority of clinical study participants measured an immediate improvement in crow's feet lines, wrinkles and under-eye puffiness
    • Nearly all clinical study participants agreed that firmness was improved, formula feels gentle, and the eye area is smoother, refreshed and hydrated

    Results based on expert grading, conducted on 30 participants, ages 35-65, after one 15-minute application.


    Multifaceted, Derm-Validated Ingredients that Function as a Whole


    "Murad is the GOAT of retinol and these bio-cellulose masks take retinol delivery to the next level by locking in ingredients for 100% benefits—meaning more ingredient bang for your buck." “ Dr. Zion Ko


    To Use: PM, 2-3 times weekly

    • 225455_HowTo_1
      Step 1

      Each pouch contains 2 eye patches. Separate and remove the blue mesh from in-between the two patches.

    • 225455_HowTo_2
      Step 2

      Apply the side without the mesh onto under-eye area, positioning just below the lash line and just above the cheekbone.

    • 225455_HowTo_3
      Step 3

      Peel off outer blue mesh starting at the outer corner, then gently pat to smooth. After 15 minutes, peel and reveal a refreshed eye area. Discard patches, then pat in any remaining product.

    • 225455_HowTo_4
      Step 4

      At night, follow with a thin layer of Retinol Youth Renewal Serum, then Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream. Always apply SPF in the morning.


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