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Extinguish Eczema + Sensitive Skin.

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Oil Control

Skin needs oil for a healthy barrier, so we should strive to control oil, not eliminate it! Murad’s technologies instantly mattify, hydrate to balance and help reduce oiliness over time. For optimal results, use these Murad homecare product in between regular Professional Skincare Treatments. Find your closest Murad Salon or Clinic here.

With the help of Murad’s clinically proven oil control technologies, combat oily skin by reducing excess oil through cleansers, serums, moisturisers, and treatments that calm irritation while balancing your skin. Murad’s oil control skin care is clinically proven to visibly reduce excess oils and shine with the help of oil control face wash, toners, and oil-free lightweight moisturisers. Significantly improve oily skin through advanced formulas with nourishing and nutrient ingredients that eliminate oil and shine for healthier-looking skin. Our commitment to helping others achieve healthy skin through wellness backed science starts with providing solutions designed to control your skin concerns. Oil control skin care helps skin look and feel balanced while maintaining essential hydration for healthy skin.