blemish 2021


When large, clogged pores need to be purified, Murad goes to work. Absorb excess oils and extract debris to help pores look smaller, smoother and as clear as possible.

Can you shrink your pores? No, because pore size is genetically determined. But, Murad’s clogged pore treatments are clinically proven to clean out dead skin cells and excess oil trapped inside your pores for a practically poreless and flawless complexion. Our pore reducing products help clear pores so they look smaller and skin looks smoother. Murad’s clogged pore treatments include Clarifying Cleanser with salicylic acid that helps dissolve and clear out debris to unclog pores, Clarifying Toner to sweep away excess oil and keep pores clear so they’re less visible, and Clarifying Mask, our 1-2 times a week facial mask with rare earth clays that deep clean and purify for clearer pores.